Hi my name is Regina 

I starter this store in 2008 but I was making handcraft goodies for my hole life. Arts and crafts its what I love to do. I graduated with Master Degree of Art (University of Rzeszow, Poland / Faculty of Art UR) in 2006. I never stop creating and learning new staff.
  The group of people love my creations so much that they gave me an idea of opening my own store. I specialize on making handcrafted goods for you and your home.

We offer:

* free of chemicals 100% natural SOAP, handmade from scratch using organic ingredients,

* BODY BUTTERS infuse with herbs and essential oils

* custom made FAVOR SOAP

* SHAMPOO BAR SOAPS load with herbs and essential oils



* BUG REPELLENT non toxic with essential oils

* non toxic HAND SANITIZER made with Essential oils


* handmade and original design JEWELRY
   wire wrap, beading with Swarovsky crystal and healing gemstones and silver

* CANDLES with symbols

All the products are unique pieces luxurious treats made with passions. 



My passion for soap are discover couple year ago. My sensitive skin was not accepting regular soap from store. I start searching and found out that chemical what in the soap cos all my skin problems. They are full of chemicals!!!. That motivate me to make my own soap. I tried hot and cold process but the second is the one that I prefer. Looking for perfect recipe I start making successfully all my natural soaps.

All the soaps are made with of selection good quality ingredients. Most of my recipes are 60-70% olive oil which is very mild and nourishing to your skin.  All other oils are high quality plant base oils like: organic coconut oil, organic castor oil. Most of my soaps are vegan and palm free. Depend of Variety different recipes I using more beneficial for skin additive like cocoa butter, Shea butter, bentonite clay, Green Zeolite Clay, goat's milk, organic herbs from my garden. They are great, healing and moisturizing properties. Colorant what I using are mineral pigments what its found in nature. For Scents I'm using Fragrances and Essential oils. For very sensitive skin I made soap without scents and color. So far me and my family - include my 22monts daughter, don't have any problems using my soap. All the soap are hand cut and they may have irregular shape.

If you would like to be notified of any sales or promotions please contact me at 860 9958055 or e-mail me: and I will add you to my mailing list. Or visit my blog at





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